UPDATE: Chris “Spookywoobler” Taylor has passed away from Osteosarcoma

Folks, after the incredible community effort to get Chris Taylor, AKA @SpookyWoobler on Twitter, a chance to play some demo build of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate happily succeeded, we here ar Joycon Gamers -who were more than happy to help with spreading the effort and getting more people to spread the word and petition Nintendo of Canada day and day out until we got word that he got his wish granted – are hereby sad to report that Chris Taylor has sadly passed away after a long battle against Osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of Bone Cancer that can cause bone tumors to form in the lungs and make breathing and recovering after coughing fits much more painful. If not treated properly and quickly, it can get terminal in no time.


However, his strength is what inspires little news guys like me to keep going. After all, he fought back his Osteosarcoma back THREE TIMES. It took a fourth round of Osteosarcoma to do him in, and still he managed to live long enough to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s E3 demo build, which Nintendo of Canada generously brought to him to play once a loud collective voice reached word at Nintendo. If he can fight back a semi-rare form of Bone Cancer that can turn fatal/terminal in really short order THREE times, then any small-time freelance journalist, like myself, can work their way up to big-name sites like Gamexplain, TheXboxHub, etc.


Admittedly, there would’ve been, at some point over the course of this month or October, an update from Alex Rochon, or Quarter Guy, or Nintendo Life, or Fawful’s Minion, or whoever, that Chris Taylor had inevitably succumbed to the semi-rare Osteosarcoma. As such, Joycon Gamers having to report on his death was an inevitability THE moment I started reporting on this, spreading the word about the efforts to get him a chance to play Smash Ultimate, etc., and following the whole scenario from beginning to inevitable tragic end.

With all of that said, though, it’s still a bittersweet mix of happiness and sadness that he’s gone. Sad, because he’s gone, but happy at the same time, because he lived long enough to have his final wish granted. I’m happy he got to have a “Smashing” good time, going out with a epic “Final Smash.” (I’m incredibly sorry for the Smash Puns today, dear readers.)

If you want to help out with Osteosarcoma research and potentially help other people in Chris Taylor’s situation, then please visit https://www.mibagents.org/#

Let me close this with a quote from RabbidLuigi: “You don’t mourn the death; You celebrate the legacy.”

UPDATE: The efforts have apparently now shifted to get Chris Taylor/SpookyWoobler memorialized in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Credits as either a “game Tester” (makes sense as he did get to play the game early), or as a “Special Thanks”, or, as some people apparently want, a special “In Memory Of” credit honoring him and his love for Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nintendo in general. All of these options would be incredible, so count me in for the next part of this movement, wherever that leads to in terms of outcomes.

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Raymond Turner
2 years ago

Saddened by the death of any young person, saddened to see a fellow Nintendo fan go. One can hope he gets remembered in Smash Ultimate.