Today’s Nintendo Direct to be Delayed due to Hokkaido Earthquake

Soo. . . Remember my news article yesterday about a Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow at 6:00pm EST,  and 3:00pm PST? It was gonna focus on upcoming Switch and 3ds titles and be about 35 minutes long.

Well, notice the usage of past-tense language in this article thus far? According to a few Facebook users (Whose names I won’t be showing out of respect for privacy), the Hokkaido earthquake was a 6.7 magnitude earthquake that badly hit some areas of Hokkaido, most of the island has no water, and the whole island has NO power!  There also was a big typhoon that struck Japan a few days before this earthquake hit.

As a result, the Nintendo Direct for today has been delayed and will be moved to a later date where it’s more convenient and safer for everyone involved.

Most comments I’ve seen on Social media in general are very supportive of Nintendo and their recovery efforts. However,  there, predictably and unfortunately, HAVE to be some people who HAVE to be incredibly inconsiderate and insensitive towards the fact that late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the guy who started the Nintendo Directs in the first place,  was born and initially lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

This puts it all into perspective, huh.

Anyways, while we here at Joycon Gamers were looking very much forward to this Nintendo Direct, we can wait quite a bit longer considering what everyone in Hokkaido and Osaka, Japan are currently going through right now, unlike SOME of the comments I’ve been hearing of and seeing all across Social Media. . .

I am curious, though. What will happen to Tokyo Games Show event? If it needs to be moved as well out of respect for Japan’s citizens, then I’m perfectly ok with it, as Japan as a whole is gonna need a good while to recover from these disasters. And besides, human lives are infinitely more important and significant than some video games.

UPDATE: Some regular people have confirmed that 2 are confirmed dead, 32 are missing due to landslides, and several more people are injured. Official reports indicate, though, that 9 people are dead, and 40 people are missing.

Anyways, this has been Bryan of Joycon Gamers, may the victims of the Osaka typhoon and Hokkaido Earthquake rest in piece. 🙁

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