The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s “More From Telltale” option apparently teases The Walking Dead: Season One for Nintendo Switch


Yes, the Featured Image at the top isn’t deceiving you, ladies and gentlemen.

The “More from Telltale” option, found in the main menu of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, hints and teases that The Walking Dead: Season One will be coming to the Switch at some point in the future, as there’s a message bubble in the middle or so of the featured image (Shown above) that says, and I quote: “Available in the Nintendo Eshop.”

This is the featured image shown both at the top of the article, and shown here in the article itself.

This post will be updated with any further information or answers on the matter.

UPDATE: Telltale Games has confirmed via a 10:00am tweet that Season One is Coming to the Switch on August 28th.


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