The Raven: Remastered Review


The Raven: Remastered
Nintendo Switch
Genre- Adventure
Number of Players- 1 Player
Publisher- THQ Nordic
Developer- King Art
Release Date- Jan. 22, 2019

The Raven Remastered from KING Art Games, the creators of the Book of Unwritten Tales
series, is a thrilling crime adventure set across continents that has you constantly
questioning everything and everyone as you try to catch the culprit. You’ll progress
through the game from the perspective of multiple characters as the plot unfolds and
you gather more information and clues as to who did it. Although, some of the characters
you’ll encounter may seem straight forward, it quickly becomes evident that not everything
is as it seems. With plenty of surprises that will constantly keep you on your toes as it’s
sure to keep you guessing as you round every corner thinking you’ve solved the mystery of
“The New Raven”. Some of the characters you’ll encounter will surely make you give them a
second guess almost immediately as they definitely have a certain “shadiness” about them,
while others will seem helpful almost to a fault.

KING Art really did well when it comes to the voice work in this game, with plenty of comical
and quirky quips from the characters that you encounter. You’ll likely develop some pretty quick
ideas about the characters simply based on the way they interact with you, but just remember as I
said before, not everything is as it seems. Everyone is hiding something, and no matter what you
think you know, the Raven is always at least a few steps ahead of you. With a well written story
that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat, The Raven Remastered is definitely a top
notch who-dunnit that could be likened to a playable crime mystery novel with what seems to be a
very heavy influence from authors such as Agatha Christie. This becomes evident fairly quickly
from the start as you find that one of the passengers, an archaeologist, mysteriously gets locked
out of his cabin on none other than The Orient Express, one of the more recognizable settings
for any fan of Christie’s work. To be quite honest, The Raven Remastered will keep you coming back
for more, especially if you’re a crime mystery fan.

While listed as an adventure game The Raven Remastered is more akin to the point and click games
of yesteryear than modern adventure games as it is choice based and lacks today’s heavy (and arguably
sometimes over used) use of quick time events that we’ve become accustomed to with modern adventure
games. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s actually quite refreshing since most “adventure” games today
are more cinematic and very action based. It definitely goes to show that not every adventure needs to
be a “run and gun” action packed endeavor that could very well be confused with a Hollywood blockbuster
in many ways. This is sure to be an adventure that will keep you thinking just as much as it keeps you
entertained and on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds in many unexpected ways!


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