The Nintendo Wii Still Lives In The Hearts Of Ubisoft

The Nintendo Wii was a juggernaut after it launched selling over 100 million consoles during its lifetime. Released in 2006, the little underpowered console that could from Nintendo was seeing support from few companies in recent years, seeing that it is two generations old now.

I am pretty sure that Nintendo has long since ceased any software support for the system, including closing the Wii Shop Channel at the end of January of this year. As shocking as it may be, a game that the Wii helped launch was still being produced into 2019 with Just Dance 2019.

Even more shocking was seeing the Wii logo at Ubisoft’s lackluster E3 2019 presentation of Just Dance 2020. That’s right, the Nintendo Wii still has games being released for it. In a generation that included both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, the Wii remains on top in receiving support from third-party developers.

Just Dance 2020 will also be releasing on the Stadia(lol), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Switch as well this November. The Nintendo Wii release will be notable just for its sheer ridiculousness. Perhaps Ubisoft is just trying to show some fan service for those that have never upgraded away from the aged console, or perhaps they just need something to be remembered for.








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