The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Review


The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 from KING Art Games is a rather comical fantasy
adventure, that will have you solving puzzles in a point and click fashion as
you play from four different characters’ points of view. (Although I say point
of view, the game is actually from the third person perspective.) While some
of the humor definitely seems to be a little more adult oriented in ways, it
doesn’t necessarily mean that the jokes are dirty or inappropriate. Just a bit
beyond the comprehension of a younger audience.

There are also plenty of references that players of all ages will appreciate!
Some are simple character similarities, such as the stuffed beast in the library
that bears an odd resemblance to Sully from the Monsters Inc. movies. While others
will be more noticeable to more niche crowds, like fans of Monty Python. Although,
the Monty Python thing could be just me. I can’t resist a good Holy Grail herring

<Now you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest, with…A HERRING!>

You’ll play through the game as multiple characters as I said previously,
starting out with a neat little intro that will introduce you to and
familiarize you with the controls in the game. From there you procede to
Aventasia, where you will play as the main characters in the game, a human,
a gnome, an elf and a strange little alien critter. First you are an Elven
princess who is under the strict, watchful eye of her mother. You’ll need
to solve puzzles of various difficulty to progress through the game.
(I won’t divulge too much of the story so as to avoid spoilers, don’t worry!)

Those that are familiar with choice based point and click type games will
feel right at home with this title, even though some of the choices/actions
do seem a little out of place until you figure out how you need to go about
interacting either with your surroundings or the other characters within the
game world. That’s not exactly a bad thing though since it will help you to
find some of the things required to proceed, either by collecting particular
items that you need for spells, parts to repair a broken machine or to simply
exit a room!

KING Art really excels with these types of games in my opinion. Traditionally
I’m not really a huge point and click fan but The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
really pulled me in for multiple reasons. It’s got a wonderfully whimsical
fantasy setting, great characters that you can really empathize with in many
ways, and the writing is fantastic which is something I’ve come to expect from
the folks at KING Art. They really know how to pull you in with their superb writing.
The audio in the game is really top notch, I rather enjoy the music as it definitely
plays into the feel of the game when it comes to the setting and what’s going with
any given situation. I feel that the folks at KING Art put extra care into that for
very good reason since we all know that what you hear works very heavily along with
what you see.

There aren’t a whole lot of things that really bugged me
with this title, the graphics are nice even considering the game was originally
released nearly five years ago! One of the main things that did bother me a bit,
although not too much was the clunky character movement but at the same time, it’s
not a fast paced movement oriented type of game. The only reason I found it slightly
bothersome was because I would try to interact with something, usually an inanimate
object of interest within the game and the character would move to a totally different
object and subsequently interact with that. Granted, sometimes it was something nearby
such as another item on the same table, but there were more than a few times that it
would happen and the two items weren’t exactly that close to each other.

Overall, I really think that this title has the ability to reach pretty far. Especially
on the Nintendo Switch since you’ll be able to take it with you instead of sitting at
home to play. I honestly feel that it’s much better suited for this platform than the
ones it was previously released on simply because of the portability factor of the Switch.
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 definitely feels right at home in Nintendo’s lineup for me,
it’s got that certain kind of magical charm that one could expect to see with Nintendo.

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