Sonic Trailer Released, The Internet Was Not Having It.


With the launch of the latest Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer, the internet said in one massive group voice, No!

The internet was not loving Sonic’s design for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and they took to social media to let their opinions be heard. However, unlike many outcries by the general public, this one was heard by those that matter. That person who matters is director Jeff Fowler, who responded to the criticism on Twitter.

No more details have been released as to what the updated Sonic will look like, but many fans have come up with their own designs that bring Sonic closer to the video game version. Overall, we can hope that the creators of the movie will use those models as an idea for their new version.

What we do know right now is there will be countless hours of CG to remake before release in November, and we certainly hope that no one gets forced to work late nights and lots of overtime to satisfy viewers. If you haven’t had the pleasure, or displeasure, to see the trailer, Here it is below.


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