Sir Eatsalot Review

Sir Eatsalot is an adventure platformer by game publisher Behind the Stone that doesn’t take itself to seriously.  The silliness of the story and visuals of the game gives it a sense of charm that had me laughing as I played.


The game opens with a fantastical story set in the Kingdom of Gluttington where King Dietan III rules from his castle shaped like an ice cream sundae.  What could go wrong in such a great place as this you ask? Well, the evil sorceress Hysterica along with the Rat Clan decided to poison the water supply with sour lemonade so that she can take over the Kingdom. Enter Sir Eatsalot, the corpulent knight whose armor doesn’t even cover his belly.  You are then sent on a mission to find a cure for the sour lemonade, restore the water supply, and defeat the evil Hysterica. You move throughout the game down a designated path that at times will branch off into other areas. The name of the game is exploration as you head down different paths looking for one of the many collectibles that are available on the different levels.  As you move you must keep an eye on your stamina bar and hearts that appear in the top right-hand corner. You can refill these by picking and eating from one of the many plants growing around the area by using the touch screen of the Switch. These plants include donut flowers, cheeseburger bushes, and gummy bear roses just to name a few of the amazing oddities you will find in this world.  As you travel throughout the realm you will run into enemies that you will have to fight and avoid their attacks to keep your hearts up. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat Hysterica and save the fair Kingdom of Gluttington.

Controls and Features

The game requires you to play in handheld mode as it requires you to use the touch screen to move and pick up various objects throughout the different levels.  The game’s controls are easy to learn but can be sometimes difficult to master. The B button is used to make your character jump. Movement is controlled by the left and right directional buttons.  By pressing them twice in quick succession you can make Sir Eatsaot run but only for a limited time as you will run out of stamina. The R button is used to pull out your shield for blocking. The Y button is used to slash with your sword when attacking.  The game has a series of awards that you can unlock as you play. The main menu has up to three save slots for you and your friends to have multiple saves. The game takes full advantage of the Switch in handheld mode as you must use the touch screen to consume the foods that restore your health and stamina.  You are also introduced to creatures that you must tap and then trace an outline of them to add them to your sticker collection. By pressing the X button you can pull up the storybook that shows you all of the main collectibles from the game. The book is divided by tabs on the side that show you different things.  The first tab is the items that you have collected throughout the game. The second tab is where you find the objectives that you have to complete. A completed objective is marked by having the box beside it checked off. The third tab shows you a map of the area that you are traveling in. The fourth and final tab is the settings for the game  allowing you to adjust the language, sound, view the controls, or leave the game.

Music and Art

The music and art style are cartoony and over the top.  The programmer has created a world that looks like it belongs to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.  The characters are drawn to stick out from the background with over-exaggerated traits such as Sir Eatsalot’s bouncing belly and the Chain Smoking Hysterica being very obvious as to who the good guys and the bad guys are in the game.  The background has creatures that pop up from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Sir Eatsalot is a fantastic trip through a fantasy land that was a lot of fun.  The game had me laughing from the cutscenes and scratched my itch to find all the hidden collectibles.  As I traveled back and forth through the levels I enjoyed the comical scenery of the food-related plants that had me nostalgic for a story I read way back in elementary school titled The Candy Castle. I recommend this game to anyone who likes a great adventure platform game with an extra dose of silliness.


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