Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Review

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is a fighting game that is Morphinominal!  Developer nWay Games has created a fighter that is challenging, fun, and even has an interesting story to go along with it. The game consists of one-on-one combat with teams of three characters battling it out until one team is completely defeated.

It’s Morphin Time! Choose Your Ranger!

The base game has a roster of twelve characters with various fighting styles from both the heroes and villains of the Power Rangers universe. The season pass adds two new heroes and a villain to play as.  Several of these characters include different skins while all the characters have the ability to change their color scheme. This allows for easier gameplay when players are using the same fighter. The character selection includes rangers from various seasons of the show including Mighty Morphin, Super Megaforce, SPD, Lost Galaxy, Mystic Force, Zeo, Time Force, and even a ranger from the latest movie universe.

Learning to Use Your Power Coin!

The game consists of one-on-one combat with teams of three characters battling it out until one team is completely defeated.  The game is simple to pick up and play. It follows the same basic style of most fighting games with various types of attacks and special moves.  The buttons on your joy-cons are each mapped to different attacks with combinations of buttons being used for other attacks. The game allows for the manipulation of these buttons in the settings menu so that you can set them to the playing style that works for you.  Your characters have a standard health bar that decreases as you are injured and a super meter at the bottom of the screen that fills up as you fight to allow you to use your super attacks. The game even allows you to call on your Megazord for a powerful attack against your opponents.

Meeting Fellow Rangers! Online and Local Mode

The game is comprised of several different ways to play.  The game has six different modes to choose from including <ranked, casual, story, arcade, versus, and training.  These modes are pretty much self-explanatory. Ranked mode allows you to play against other players that are on the same level as you.  Casual allows you to play against anyone online. Arcade mode has a series of seven stages of battles. Versus mode allows you to play against a CPU player or add a second player to the mix. Training mode allows you to choose characters and seven different arenas, from the different seasons, movie, or the comic, to battle it out.  This mode also allows for two players that have you completely powered up to try out all of your moves and special attacks. All of these modes are great for their various uses, but the mode that excited me the most was the story mode.

Shattered Grid Comes to Life! Story Mode

Story Mode consists of twelve levels broken into two acts with cut scenes in between the fighting.  It is an adaptation of the Boom Studios comic storyline Shattered Grid that saw rangers from multiple teams battling it out against the villain Lord Drakkon, an evil version of Tommy Oliver the original Green Ranger from MMPR.  Having read the comics that this story was based on, I was intrigued to see how they would adapt it. nWay did not disappoint as they not only adapted the story but were able to acquire MMPR actors to reprise their roles for the game.  These include Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger and Lord Drakkon, Austin St. John as Jason Scott Lee the Red Ranger, David Fielding as Zordon, and Kerrigan Mahan as Goldar. Hearing these actors’ voices added to the nostalgia of the game and made playing the game even more entertaining.

Access the Morphing Grid! Visuals, Audio, and Gameplay

The game is vibrant and colorful as you would expect a game based on a team of color-coded superheroes to be.  The backgrounds are well designed with some interesting moving parts such as the command center having a moving Zordon and viewing globe.  The music is standard fighting game music with hints to the original theme song. The fighters have the standard grunts and include battle cries from the various voice actors. Gameplay should be familiar to fans of other fighting games as you are constantly attacking and defending against attacks from your opponents. The game is enjoyable for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike as the controls are easy to pick up and learn.

Lessons From Zordon! My Final Thoughts!

nWay has created a game with both replayability and the ability to grow as they can add characters and arenas from the ever-growing Power Rangers Universe.  This game hits all the right buttons as it offers great gameplay, an amazing story, and the nostalgia factor of a childhood favorite television show. nWay has outdone itself in making you feel like a kid again as you get to control your favorite ranger and engage in battle.

For the record, my favorite ranger is the best ranger to ever wield the power of the Morphing Grid, Tommy Oliver, Green MMPR.

This review was a guest post written by Joshua Boyd.

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