Nintendo Switch Update 6.0.0 Brings us Paid Online Subscription and a Form of Game Sharing

Folks, as of today, we have reached the end of an era. We’re past the end of the era of “free online play,” as all 3 big Home Console companies (Playstation, Microsoft, and now Nintendo) have gone from “free online play w/no required subscription” to a  paid subscription service.

This is truly a sad day for those of us who enjoyed free online gaming since the days of the Wii and original Xbox.

HOWEVER, there’s a neat little feature that came about as a result of this update.

By logging into someone else’s account via your Nintendo Switch/”Primary Console”, you can access their eshop (if their account is set to a region where their eshop therefore is different your region’s eshop, of course, I think.), and download their library of games at NO COST and play them on your Nintendo Switch.


This isn’t as simple as (Or it, in retrospect, may actually be more simpler than) the Wii’s gifting feature for Virtual Console games (which you can’t really do anymore as you can no longer add points to your Wii Shop account, and the Wii Shop Channel itself will go away for good next year.)

This method requires that either you or a friend trust each other with your/his/her email address and password.  As a result, I probably won’t use this feature, but it MIGHT be worthwhile IF I can find a friend to try this out with.

There’s a catch, though, and it’s significant. IF they trust you with that info and you play their games on your Switch, that’ll most likely affect their cloud save data backups as well (also included with the subscription – but not for all games) This is because, as Andre pointed out in his video about this feature (shown below),  you HAVE to use the profile and Save Data of the person who bought the game initially. (Special Thanks to Andre of Gamexplain for detailing, pointing out, and showing that little minor detail I may have otherwise missed.) Also, you’ll have to maintain a constant internet connection to do this. . . ugh!!

With all of that said, though, it’s a pretty unexpected thing that I had honestly thought would be highlighted during the Nintendo Switch Online portion of last Thursday’s Nintendo Direct.

Either way, it’s a interesting feature, and I look forward to finding out if Japanese games downloaded on Japanese eShops on Japanese Switches with Japanese accounts, if those accounts are brought to an American switch by them letting you login to their account on your Switch, would be able to to be downloaded onto an American switch…

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