Nintendo Switch Online Launches on September 18th Nintendo's Twitter releases a Tweet revealing the precise release date of the Switch's Online Service


Nintendo of America has released a tweet regarding the Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Service that will start on September 18th. (For US Switch owners)

When the service launches next week, the Nintendo Switch Eshop will allow users to sign up for a 7-Day free trial via the eshop.

The tweet says that more information will be shown about the service during tomorrow’s NIntendo Direct, so we all know now that the Online Service will have some of the 35 minutes dedicated to it.

The service will let users who subscribe to the service to try 20 NES games, now given online support, and also allow access to the admittedly lackluster (so far as of the time of this article) Cloud Save backup system, albeit for only certain titles (Sadly, Splatoon 2 is NOT one of those titles, so be prepared to redo all of that progress you built up if your data is erased by someone, or your Switch gets stolen or destroyed.)

As a reminder,  a 1-month plan will cost $3.99 a month, a 3-month/Quarterly-plan will cost $7.99, and a 12-month/1-year plan will cost $19.99. (All before taxes, which will vary based on state, county, etc. for US users; Prices and taxes will differ for users from other regions based on country or continent.)

A Family membership option where one Nintendo account can invite SEVEN other users to join a family group where ALL users in the group can use and access the Online service costs $34.99 (Before state/federal/county/town taxes for US residents; Pricing, again, will differ based on your region, country, continent, resulting currency, etc.)

Yet again, as stated in my previous article, we here at Joycon Gamers will cover tomorrow night’s Nintendo Direct at 6:00pm (EST), 9:00pm (PST), and 11:00pm (BST) to the very best of our ability.


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