Nintendo partners with Microsoft for new official Minecraft ad New cross play ad on Nintendo's official YouTube channel.


Not often are you going to see any of the Big 3 in gaming joining up for an advertisement campaign that will shine two competing consoles in a positive light, but that is exactly what Microsoft and Nintendo have done in their latest advertisement for Minecraft Switch Edition.

On top of showing both consoles living in a co-habitable world of two consoles, it puts a little bit of shade on Sony for refusing to allow cross-play between the PlayStation 4 and Switch, or the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is a hilariously timed ad that is made even more effective with this message against Sony with the recent debacle that Sony has had to deal with concerning crossplay with Fortnite on the Switch and PlayStation 4.

If the video on YouTube wasn’t enough of fun for Microsoft and Nintendo, they swarmed other social media outlets as well with a back and forth on Twitter that was, in my humble opinion, epically hilarious.

Microsoft’s social media team was quick to respond to this, as well as the Minecraft social media team. Microsoft decided to go the Reggie route with this one…

Check out the whole tweet thread for a pretty good read. This may herald a new era of gaming? Probably not, but it crossplay between consoles is definitely growing and is probably going to continue to do so. With Microsoft and Nintendo being friendly with one another, this also opens the possibility of some Microsoft IP’s ending up on the Switch, however, I highly doubt the other way around would happen. Microsoft IP’s have been released on Nintendo products in the past, so it’s not unusual.

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