Nintendo 64 Switch Dock Would Nintendo do something like this?


Leave it to fanatic gamers to come up with just about anything, given some time. This is exactly what Reddit user did. Reddit user tettzan777 did with an old busted Nintendo 64. You can check out the thread on Reddit here. He makes sure to point out right away that it was a broken Nintendo 64 with no way to fix it, with everything going to a good home.

The general idea was to gut a broken console, widen the cart port, and wire up a Switch dock wiring inside. It looks pretty good, even to the point of having the controller ports as USB charge ports. Nice job!  Now it doesn’t really accept the Switch with the Joycons connected, but it looks super sweet anyways. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think of this. Would you buy one from Nintendo or a third party if they put these out?


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