MyNintendo Is Celebrating Fire Emblem Release With Alternate Coverart

To celebrate the launch of Nintendo’s fantasy tactical RPG, MyNintendo is offering alternate cover art to download for 50 platinum points.  There are three different box art covers, one for each house, to showcase your Fire Emblem Three Houses game in.

In case you wish to download and print all three case variations, Nintendo sells Nintendo Switch Game Card cases for $6.99 at the Nintendo Store. Although the page says no points are required to receive this reward, It took the 50 platinum points from me when I redeemed it. I may have done it wrong, however.

The reward comes in PDF format with very simple instructions on how to print the cover art off.

How to receive:
1) Select “Redeem”
2) Select “Download”
3) Print it at Actual Size on letter-sized (8.5×11”) paper. We recommend using Gloss Text-type papers.

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