Mutant Football League Review

This is one of those games that I was extremely excited for when I initially heard
it was coming back.I remember playing the original on the Sega Genesis and having
a blast just sitting in my bedroom playing as my “favorite” team. I always thought
that the mutants and monsters that made up the teams were fun and added a whole new
layer to the games that my friends and I loved. We had the addicting fun of the
football games, and we also had the comic mischief and general shenanigans that came
along with the not so real to life football simulation. Not much has changed.
Digital Dreams definitely had the idea right with bringing back a title like this.
Personally, I can remember playing both of the Mutant League games growing up on the
Sega Genesis so When I first found out that this was supposed to be coming back it
really hit the nostalgia factor for me. Mutant Football League will definitely have you
laughing pretty hard, I know it had me going with all of the absurd penalties and nonsense
that the officials and players say and do. The game surely isn’t lacking comedic value,
that’s for sure. The gameplay is fairly straight forward, I’d probably liken it to a
simplified Madden type of control scheme so it’s pretty easy to pick up and go with it.
Particularly if you’ve ever played a Madden game. It just doesn’t have the in
depth play calling and simulation style aspects that you’d likely expect from a
Madden game, Mutant Football League is definitely more of an arcade style sports
game in my opinion. When it comes to the controls, if you’ve ever played Madden you’ll surely
pick this game up rather quickly.

Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition has some pretty nice graphics, there are definitely
plenty of colors and detail. Especially when you sack the QB or take out an official leaving
a spectacularly bloody mess behind on the field. I didn’t notice any major glitching, or any
for that matter at all. The game is definitely very well made and care was taken to revamp
an old 16 bit era title, which even in it’s day the original release was still not exactly
on the low end of the graphical spectrum. With creative character designs the mutants on the
teams are sure to amuse and will surely add some entertainment value to the game,I know it did
for me.

The soundtrack is pretty heavy on the hard rock/metal end of things, which is definitely not
an issue…especially for me! You definitely get a little amped up while playing as this music
in the back so I think they really hit the nail on the head with that also. I mean, who doesn’t
want to be all amped up while playing as a mutated version of thier favorite NFL team? You want
to be into it and having fun, right? Well, the sountrack for Mutant Football League Dynasty
Edition shouldn’t have much problem getting you into the zone to get rowdy and cause some mayhem
on the football field.

If you’re a football fan and you like offbeat humor, this is definitely a game to pick up. There
is definitely plenty of replay value with the online and Dynasty modes. Honestly you can spend most
of your time with the game in Dynasty mode and I doubt it would bother you. The way you progress
and develop your team as you go through the season definitely becomes addicting and will have you
coming back for more time and again.

So if you’re a football fan, and would like something a little different than your typical Madden
game…I’d defintely recomend this game! Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition is definitely worth
grabbing just so you can get your football fix and laugh yourself silly at the same time.
Mutant Football League on the Nintendo Switch is definitely a really fun game, with it’s over the
top humor (although sometimes vulgar), easy to learn gameplay and at least for some; nostalgia factor
will surely keep you entertained for a while. The Dynasty mode is basically your road to the big game,
you’ll play the season through just like any career mode in the hopes of having the best team in the
end. With a plethora of options with everything from commonly recognized plays for offense and defense
to “dirty tricks” that will give you the upper hand in what’s likely to be the shadiest way possible,
which even includes bribing and killing the officials! All in all, I would definitely recommend this
game, it’s an over the top fun game, especially if you’re a sports fan that wants something a little
different than the usual Madden or sports simulation games.

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