Mr. Whiskers Is Coming To Your Switch Time to jump and roll on the go!


Everyone has their favorite casual game to pick up and play when you have a few extra minutes. That is where the Nintendo Switch and its portability can come into play big time. Konstructors Entertainment has announced The Big Journey coming out for the Switch on October 31.

The world of The Big Journey lets you tilt and roll around and explore the world with the main character, Mr. Whiskers. The story lets you follow our pudgy feline hero as he unwillingly takes on an adventure after the maker of his favorite dumplings goes missing.

You’ll get to journey through this adventure in a roly-poly physics-based experience where players will tilt the world to roll Mr. Whiskers safely through spooky caves, scorching deserts, lush valleys and much more. The Big Journey sports simple and addictive gameplay, crisp storybook visuals, and a toe-tapping soundtrack that is suitable for all ages. You’ll visit 6 magnificent worlds with 30 gorgeous handcrafted levels to look for new friends and track down delicious food to fill your belly.

The Big Journey launches on Hallowee, October 31, for $4.99 and is available for pre-order right now. It will support TV mode, Tabletop mode as well as handheld mode. The download size for the title will be 649 MB. Check back soon for our full review of this indie title.


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