Luigi’s Mansion 3: New Details from E3

Yesterday at E3, Nintendo announced some exciting new details on the third installment of the Luigi Mansion series. As someone who immensely enjoyed the first game in the series and the second one not so much, I was eager to see if they would fix some of the problems the second one had. Here are some of the features they discussed at the conference.

Setting: Hotel

The game will be set in a hotel that seemingly climbs into the sky like a skyscraper. There will be friendly ghosts that wait on Luigi and everyone else he decides to bring on this staycation. It’s unclear whether this design choice was specifically set in place for the multiplayer mode to allow it to have endless floors or if its to introduce some sort of division between different events in the game.

Multiplayer Features

Speaking of multiplayer, the story mode itself will be introducing a sort of co-op into its progression. Introduced as Gooigi, this green blob will work with Luigi to help him progress through certain spots of the mansion that Luigi could not normally traverse himself, such as over spikes and through gated passageways. This does not come without its limits, however. Gooigi cannot travel through water without melting into it, so players will have to be careful to work together to progress. Additionally, it seems that if another person is not available to join, the player can switch between Luigi and Gooigi.

New Poltergust Mechanics

A new Poltergust 5000 is being introduced in this adventure as well! Unlike the original invention, E. Gadd has added some new features this time around. One feature is a slam function, which allows Luigi to inflict extra damage on the ghost he is currently trying to capture. Another allows Luigi to perform a sort of suction shot. When used, it acts similar to a plunger and allows Luigi to grip onto items that he would not normally be able to latch onto with his Poltergust 5000. It even seems to have some potential use with some ghosts, such as those who use shields. Lastly, Luigi is also seen using a burst of air to clear out ghosts that are swarming him. This will also give him a bit of air time, which helps to avoid incoming objects. Overall, the newly added versatility will allow Luigi some creative means to solving puzzles and overcoming the ghosts of the mansion.


Lastly, though the trailer was vague, there seem to be some bosses introduced this time around in a similar fashion to the original. In the first game, players must collect all ghosts within a certain area of the mansion to fight the boss of the area which will allow them access to the next area. This sort of progression made the game enjoyable to me when I was younger and it seems possible that they are reimplementing this feature. With the appearance of King Boo, a police officer and a knight ghost, it seems plausible that they may be trying to give floors a theme and require the clearing of the entire area to progress. Maybe those who have access to the playable demo could provide more details on this but so far fans can only speculate.

What are you most excited for in Luigi’s Mansion 3? Are there features you’re hoping they bring back? Let us know in the comments!

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Raymond Turner
1 year ago

I don’t think there is really any single thing that has me excited for this game, I’m overly excited for all of it. Simply because Luigi is awesome, however, I think Gooigi is going to be a very welcomed addition to the game.