Luigi’s Mansion 3 Day One Update Out Now

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is launching on October 31 to a day one update. While most day-one updates are unwanted, this one doesn’t seem to address a whole lot beyond gameplay stability issues.

The update which will put the game at Version 1.1.0 will launch as soon as the game is available and will address the following issues:

Several issues have been fixed so that you can play the game comfortably.

This update will be required if you play to play the online elements of the title. Local communication is also not compatible with Version 1.0.0. If you plan on playing with friends locally, you will have to make sure all the titles are on the same game version.

Have you picked up Luigi’s Mansion 3 or plan to? Let us know your impressions of the title and what you think of having to download a patch day one for a Nintendo published title.


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