Life of Boris: Superslav Review

Life of Boris: Superslav by SneakyBox is a niche game, to say the least.  I am just not sure what niche they were trying to reach,  Based on the Youtube channel Life of Boris the game follows the exploits of the main character, Boris, who seems to like mayonnaise and sunflower seeds.  It is one of the strangest games I have ever played and I am not sure after spending some time in Boris’ world exactly what was going on in his or the developers’ minds when they made the game.  Whatever it was maybe it was lost in translation.


    The game is fairly simple as you point and click your way through levels to get to the required ending that triggers the next cutscene and allows you to move on.  Playing the levels is repetitive and truly a guessing game as you click random objects in the hopes of finding the right order to complete the nonsense puzzle before you.  The good news is the game is fairly short as it consists of two chapters with thirteen and ten levels respectively.  In the short period of time I played, I managed to complete Chapter 1 and was vaguely able to follow the strange and confusing story that was unfolding.


If you become bored of the levels or just need hints to help you figure out how to move on you can always make your way over to the Slav Olympics and try your hand at one of the mayonnaise themed mini-games that allow you to earn hints that can be used in the chapters so that you can continue moving forward.  The Slav Olympics consist of Dual Jar Endurance Squats, Mayoenz Relay, 4 Jar Mayonez Dash, and Mayonez Fill.  Believe me when I say they are as ridiculous as they sound.  The only purpose these mini-games serve is to earn hints and coins that allow you to buy new bandanas that cover Boris’s face.

In the first, you are tapping the left and right sides of the screen to keep your balance as you squat on top of two jars of mayonnaise.  The relay sees you trying to toss a jar of mayonnaise from one basket to the next as people are standing on the balconies of an apartment building. The physics for this mini-game was ridiculously hard and I was only able to get one jar into one basket no matter how hard I tried.  The Dash game saw you playing a rhythm game similar to guitar hero where you tapped on different colored mayonnaise jars as they moved across the top of your screen.  The fourth and final game of the Slav Olympics had you tapping a mayonnaise jar and trying to fill up as many as you can before some sort of red screen covers the screen.

Music and Art

    The art style is very cartoony and basic. The backgrounds are static while characters and select things can move on the screen.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the scenes that you visit during the game as you move along in the story.  The music and audio of the game are both fast and annoying sounding like it came from some techno or disco club.  The narrator of the game has such a deep accent that if not for the captions I would not have understood what was being said throughout it.  Some games art and music can redeem an otherwise lackluster game.  Life of Boris is not one of those games.  I guess the music and art style may be familiar to fans of the youtube channel but for the average gamer, they don’t help the game.

Final Thoughts

    As I said in the beginning Life of Boris: Superslav is a niche game and may have an audience from its youtube followers but the average gamer is not gonna know what to make of it.  I thought maybe I did not understand the game because I had not viewed the youtube channel. After watching a few videos I was more confused than before.  If you don’t mind wasting a few hours of your time try Life of Boris maybe you can make more sense of it than I did.

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