Giveaway Challenge for Octahedron: Transfixed Edition Developer AMA on January 21st


Demimonde Games, the man studio and developer behind the vertical action game Octahedron for Nintendo Switch has announced a giveaway via Reddit for a download code for Switch version of the game. Below are the rules and details.

  1. Download the free Octahedron demo from the Nintendo eShop

  2. Beat any level and get at least 3 medals

  3. Tweet a screenshot of the medals with the hashtag #OctahedronReddit or post the screenshot in the comments of the Reddit post (off-screen photos are fine too!)

  4. Mention your preferred region for the download code

It really is that simple. The entry deadline will be January 21 at 1 pm GMT. The developer will also host an AMA for the game at 5 pm GM, 12 pm EST.


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