Fly Punch Boom! Review

Fly Punch Boom by Jollypunch Games is a rather unique title.  With its catchy title, great animation, and intriguing music it is sure to make you stop and take a look out of sheer curiosity as to what this game could be.  It’s bright colors and wacky characters make for a visual game that is interesting to see on your screen.  The actual game seems to be made for quick bouts against other players to see who can mash the button the fastest.  As a one-player game, Fly Punch Boom loses some of its main reason to play which is for the spectacle of those who are watching the fights.  The game seems to be designed as a party game for bragging rights on who can hit the right series of buttons the fastest and totally obliterate their competition and the stage around them.


Gameplay consists of your character flying around the screen and you control them with the touch of a button.  It is described as Anime super fights but seems to be all about the smashes and special moves.  I found the ability to control the movement of my character to be a major factor as I was trying to navigate my way to smashing my opponent.  After playing against the CPU on easy mode I found my ability to defeat them to be greatly disadvantaged.  It could have been my lack of familiarity with this style of gameplay but the CPU seemed way overpowered and unbeatable which led to frustration instead of fun.  

Controls and Features

The game’s controls were not readily available to look at and try to figure out.  It did feature a tutorial section that allowed you to practice your moves as the CPU did not attack back in this mode making it easier to figure out what to do where.  Thankfully the game had a setting that allowed you to see the button pushes pop up on the screen as you play that were required to perform moves.  

The game features a selection of characters to choose from as your fighter.  In the beginning, you have access to only a few of them as most must be unlocked by meeting certain criteria.  These unique characters such as Shin with a heart-shaped head, Armoir is a buff dude with pink pants, Groovis being an Elvis impersonating goose just to name a few that stuck out as comical and cute at the same time.  The game allows for local and online multiplayer, arcade mode, destructible stages, and 40 stage fatalities.

Music and Art

Perhaps the best parts of the game to me anyway are its art and music.  The art style of the game is intriguing and when I first saw footage of it I was reminded of Cartoon Network animation of the late ’90s.  It has a very vibrant style with bright colors and over the top characters that reminded me of Cow and Chicken.  The characters create a sense of wackiness as fighting is fast-paced and the way they react to being hit and having things happen to them is insane in a good way.  My character, the giant pig in a wrestling spandex suit had his head punched off at one point and various vegetables came out of it. My biggest complaint with the animation is that for you to fly around the massive stages your character is extremely small until it zooms in on them for certain contacts.  The music is very fitting and feels like you are watching an Anime as you fight.  It fits well with the zaniness of the animation.  It is fast-paced just like the gameplay.

Final Thoughts

I went into the experience of playing this game with very high hopes.   It is listed as a fighting game, that got me excited to find a new fighting game for quick pick up and play sessions and to play with my friends and family.  I really wanted to like it but sadly came away disappointed.  That’s not to say that the game did not have some good qualities but it just was not the right fit for me.  If you are a fan of this particular fighting game style I would recommend it to you but I lost interest very quickly.

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