Fan Made Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale


Any gamer that grew up in the 80s or 90s knows the name Mario and what kind of content he brings to the table. When you mention gaming in the current day, games like Fortnite, PUBG and other battle royale style games are probably one of the most popular style games at the moment.

So what happens when a fan of gaming brings the two games together? A Mario Battle Royale game? Game developer and YouTuber InfernoPlus has decided to make it a game called Mario Royale.

When asked about the game, InfernoPlus said,

“What I’ve done here is a true sin”

There are currently over 400 players in total on the browser-based game, with each Battle Royale match consisting of 75 players. Games can be really laggy when you first start with all 75 players on the screen at once. Players can play with either WSAD style keyboard controls or with a controller.

I would personally not be shocked to see this game not stay up long with Nintendos love of taking down fan-made games, so I would be sure to check it out quickly. Be sure to tell us what you think of this game, and if you would play more games like this.


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Raymond Turner

I grew up on the Atari, Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis. I started my love affair with gaming with Mario, as most kids do, and continued it with Dragon Warrior(Dragon Quest for those who don't know history). Some of my favorite games growing up were the simplest, with Adventure for the Atari 2600 being one of the games I had the most fun with. Still to this day I enjoy that game, and those duck looking dragons. Today I play a variety of games when my mind will let me, which comes in spurts. Right now I am playing a bit of Minecraft.

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