Early November Nintendo Direct? Not a rumor, just a thought based on the past.


Nothing in the future in the entertainment world should be based on what has happened in the past. Things change and sometimes events don’t happen that have in the past. We’re gonna look at why a Nintendo Direct happening soon might be a logical outcome, however.

First thought. Nintendo tends to host a Direct anywhere between every month to every three months. Rarely within the past few years has there been more than three months, with only a few being more than that. The largest gap between Directs was six months back in 2016 when we had to wait from March to September. Hasn’t happened since.

Secondly, is the timing for this time of year. The all-important holiday season is upon us and Nintendo is going to want to get information out for media outlets and fans alike to see.  Over the past five years, we have seen a Direct at the beginning of November, between the 2nd of November to the 13’th, With 2015 being the only year without one. <thanks to this twitter post for pointing this out>

Last thought, on top of the holiday season, coming up, the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate release is coming up us quickly as well and the world is pining for new information on this game. With multiple recent ‘leaks’ of information on the final roster, a Smash Direct could clear this up.

On my final thoughts, will anything come up this? Who knows, but it’s possible and we are all hoping for more information about Smash and other upcoming games.


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