Doom: Eternal Coming to Nintendo Switch; It is NOT “offensive”; Will run at 30FPS

Yeah, this is probably common knowledge by now, but DOOM: Eternal is coming out on the Nintendo Switch. 

At this known time, according to ID Software, there’s no determined release date at this time for the game on ANY platform (Includes PS4, Xbox One, PC/Steam, and – obviously – Switch).

What I DO know about this game is that it will run at 30FPS on the Switch (Which isn’t a bad thing, as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has shown.) Also, the Switch Version of DOOM (2016) also ran at 30FPS and hardly anyone complained at that time.

Now, onto the 2nd part of this article. Apparently, people out there (At least mainly on Twitter; somewhat on Youtube) are calling the game “Anti-immigration,” on the basis that the Demons “emigrated” from their Hellhole known as . . . Hell to Earth/Mars in order to conquer it.

Here’s the best part (Sarcasm). SJWs (Social Justice Warriors in short) didn’t realize that The comments were made by a Cortana-esque device. In addition, they fail to realize that the game (and the DOOM Series in general) was always Tongue-in-cheek. This installment shows that Humanity was using Demonic energy for their own purposes, and the demons invaded in retaliation – HARDLY what I’d call an “anti-Immigrant,” “Anti-SJW” experience.

Overall, DOOM Eternal is gonna be a fun game, no matter how much the SJWs try to protest and ridicule the game for their own refusal to look deeply into the context the story info.

DOOM Eternal is being made by ID Software and Bethesda, and Panic Button will be porting the game to the Nintendo Switch

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