Diablo III: Eternal Collection Comes Out November 2nd

Nintendo of America has tweeted out the release date for the DIablo III: Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch. The release date is November 2nd, 2018. That’s EXACTLY 2 weeks before Pokemon’s Nintendo Switch Debut game drops onto the Console. (Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! both release on November 16th for the Nintendo Switch, people)


As a result, the sales for Diablo III: Eternal Collection might be slightly negatively impacted because Pokemon – both as a franchise and as an individual dual-version simultaneous release – has existed long before Diablo was a thing in most gamer’s heads from back in the day, and has – on average – sold AT THE VERY LEAST – 1,000,000+ copies per game, no matter the type and/or regardless of questionable overall quality. (The only exceptions in this mega franchise’s history are Pokemon Trozei – which sold only 590,000 or so copies at the time of this article’s release, and Pokemon Dash – which sold a respectable 770,000 copies as of this article’s release.)


Irregardless of such, I do hope to get Diablo III: Eternal Collection ASAP so I can play it and review it for this site, but more importantly, I want to do so so I can show support to the 3rd-party companies who made this game, and tell them that “Hey, I like this game partly because it’s on a portable home console I can take with me anywhere I go. It’s amazing. You should bring more of your company’s libraries of games to the Switch.” – or something to that effect.


Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch will come with a Ganondorf skin, some Zelda-themed gear and Cuccos. (Yes, I’m am NOT kidding on that last one, folks)

Also, Here’s a really interesting bit of trivia, folks. Diablo III: Eternal Collection’s release date – November 2nd – is also the first day of BlizzCon 2018. Mark that on your calendars, BlizzCon fans!


Now, to patiently await word on a release date for Warframe on the Nintendo Switch. . .



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