Conan Chop Chop Sees Its Release Delayed

Sometimes developers and publishers look at their games and say, “Yeah, we can go ahead and release it. Is it finished? Patch it later.” While we are always sad about delay announcements, sometimes it’s important to focus on making a game better than it would be if released early.

Today, Publisher Funcom and developer Might Kingdom announced that it’s action-adventure roguelike game called Conan Chop Chop would see its release date moved back to Q1 2020. Originally teased in April and the revealed at E3 2019, the game recently had a very successful first demo of the game which prompted the companies to increase their incestment in the project to deliver a bigger better game. A part of this bigger and better is the inclusion of an online multiplayer component.

“We had an absolute blast showcasing the game at E3 and Gamescom earlier this year. It was especially gratifying to see how much fun people had playing the game in co-op mode. The teamwork, the banter, the way people moved ever so sneakily towards their near-death companions in order to pick up their gold when they fall… We couldn’t have been happier with the reception,” says founder and CEO of Mighty Kingdom Philip Mayes.

“One of the things we get to do with the extra time is expand multiplayer from just couch co-op to also include full online multiplayer,“ says Mayes. “This has undoubtedly been THE most requested feature after we started showing off the game, so we’re very excited for the opportunity to bring that in.”

Conan Chop Chop is now set to release for the Nintendo Switch in Q1 2020. If you wanna see more about this game you can visit the official website at Check out the E3 2019 announcement trailer below:

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