Batman: The Enemy Within is out on Switch: Requires 11.6 GB of storage. This is one of the last releases we're probably getting from Telltale. . . Ever. :(


Today, the release of Batman: The Enemy Within has occurred for the Nintendo Switch. It costs $39.99 (Well, considering what this game offers in terms of storylines, branching paths, alternate dialogue choices and even alternate endings, episode openings and especially an entirely different climatic final episode, it’s worth it, as my review will make note of – hint hint.).

$39.99 – before taxes, mind you – is admittedly a LOT in terms of price for what you may consider a perfectly average “game” (Based on the traditional sense and meaning of the word), and you’d be rather valid for thinking of Batman: The Enemy Within as well as a good portion of Telltale’s catalog as a QTE-based interactive movie with VERY few and small snippets of “gameplay.”

That said, for those of you curious about the File Size of this game, especially in comparison to Batman: The Telltale Series which released last year for the Nintendo Switch in November 2017,  Batman: The Enemy Within is nearly TWICE the file size of Season 1 of Telltale’s Batman series.

Batman: The Telltale Series clocks in at 6.1 GB in storage space. Batman: The Enemy Within takes up 11.6 GB of storage space.

So, you’d best clear out some big storage space filling games if you wanna play the entire batman Telltale saga on your Switch.

Also, don’t expect a physical cartridge release either. This release is “digital-only” (As in, it’s only available via the Switch Eshop in America and Europe), and it sucks.

Anyways, I got a review to gear up for, so I’ll see you next time for the Joycon Gamers review of Megaman 11.





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