Atari is launching its classics onto the Switch.

Everyone who grew up in the dawn of the video game era knows who Atari is. If you didn’t grow up during that time, it’s likely your parents did. Atari was a shining beacon that brought us a lot of really memorable games, and while they were part of the downfall and crash of the industry, their games are still enjoyable to play today.

Atari is launching this collection, which will be the most comprehensive collection of arcade and home console classics for the Nintendo Switch. These 15 titles, which includes all-time favorites, rare gems, and home-brew titles, are remastered and bundled together for the Switch on one cartridge. Atari Flashback Classics SWITCH is designed to take advantage of the Switch’s unique controls and functionality to bring new life to the games.

With all-new achievements, leaderboard and social features bringing players together, combined with an amazing archive of classic artwork make Atari Flashback Classics Switch the most complete Atari collection ever. You can preorder it on Amazon through our affiliate link here.

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