Animated Jigsaws: Beautiful Japanese Scenery Review

Animated Jigsaws: Beautiful Japanese Scenery is a unique puzzle game on the Switch that showcases amazing scenery in Japan while taking advantage of multiplayer modes and touch screen functions. Take a look at the trailer below.

When’s the last time that you have pieced together a puzzle?

It’s been quite a while for me and for many others I’m sure. Just imagine, a 100 piece puzzle scattered across your television as opposed to the coffee table. Well that’s exactly what the developers over at DICO and Bottlecube intended. This game gets you the simplicity of a puzzle with a fun, animated twist, on the go and at home!

Animated Jigsaws: Beautiful Japanese Scenery has simple visuals when it comes to the menu, allowing users of any skill level to easily navigate the few controls and customizable options listed there. Keep in mind, this is not to get confused for the art that you will be piecing together in the game itself. The developers behind the game selected a variety of moving clips in iconic areas in Japan. These beautiful images include Mt. Fuji, the sights of Tokyo, and even one featuring snow monkeys.

As far as the game controls, players are only having to deal with the point, click, drag options. Of course you navigate using the left joystick to act as the cursor and using the “A” select button to click and drag the piece to its proper place. In case you don’t care to use your joystick and buttons, take advantage of the touch screen controls with just your index finger. This just naturally feels like the best way to play in my opinion.

Great handheld game

This game is perfect for anyone looking to pass the time in a waiting room, on a flight, or even waiting for a ride. Though I would almost consider myself a pro when it comes to the 60 piece puzzles, it generally takes more time for me to complete the puzzles with more pieces. As you progress, you will definitely miss how quickly you could find those pieces compared to the larger puzzles! On average, it takes me about 20 minutes to complete the smaller puzzles alone but playing with a friend can definitely cut that down. Regardless, if you are playing alone or with a friend, once you get into a groove time will begin to pass by so quickly! Something worth nothing, a great function included in this game is the ability to easily pick up right where you left off in case you’ve arrived to your destination or you just want to play another game on your Switch.

You’ll notice that I mentioned the 60 piece puzzle previously. Initially, you are provided the task of solving one out of three of your first Japanese photos. These beginning pictures are broken into 60 pieces, and once that puzzle is completed, you’ll gain access to a whole new challenge; to solve it at 120 pieces. Once you get a grasp on the game, that’s where you’ll notice the progression throughout. As you complete more puzzles, more photos will be unlocked and ready to solve! Then, as new photos become available, the more pieces that will be needed to solve them. For example, compared to where we begin at 60 pieces, the challenge increases all the way up to four times that amount at 240 pieces, and boy are they small!

Along with being a great game for the Switch in handheld mode, it also plays great in docked mode on your television. The larger screen helps you pick out the pieces and allows more people get involved even if they don’t pick up a JoyCon.

Take your time (and save your time!)


Me and a friend almost lost the final piece! Keeping pieces to the top or side rather than the center work area can help prevent this.

To get the jigsaw done efficiently, you’ll want to maintain a clean workspace. Remember there can be as many as 240 pieces to work with so fortunately the game offers a small section to the right of the screen where loose pieces can sit. I would have to say that one of the best features in this game is the ability to split the edge pieces and inside pieces. This saves so much time in the long run, imagine having to sort through them all! This is such a great feature included, especially when starting with edge pieces is a common and great way to begin your puzzle.

While we’re on the subject of time, keep an eye out for your time in the top left corner of the screen. If you replay the level alone, or even with a friend, you will be able to compare how long it took you to complete the puzzles each time. Another tip: be sure to pause the game or put your Switch on to its main home screen whenever you step away from the puzzle. I learned this the hard way after adding an extra 10 minutes to my solve time when taking a phone call and forgetting to pause the game. Don’t be like me, protect your stats!

Don’t be afraid to peek

You may wonder how challenging a puzzle game could be. With my skill level and experience playing games, I typically do not like to be spoon fed with lengthy tutorials or guided with a heavy hand. A fun way to challenge yourself is to limit the number of times you refer back to the solved photo. You would be surprised how much a mere glimpse can help. Keep in mind however, if you are just looking to complete the puzzle itself, peeking at the picture every so often is definitely recommended.

Have fun!

Animated Jigsaws: Beautiful Japanese Scenery is perfect for those that enjoy the likes of crosswords and Sudoku on occasion and would be a wonderful addition to your game collection. At the end of the day, this calm game will have you piecing together a beautiful animated photo after a long day of work or even on a lazy Sunday afternoon.



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Raymond Turner
2 years ago

This isn’t even close to my style of game, and this review has me wanting to play it!