Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure coming to the NES

With all the new game announcements that take place throughout the year, who would expect one of those to be for an NES title called Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure? You read that right, a title for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Kickstarter for this game still has a little under three weeks left on it and has already doubled its goal of $10,000 CAD.

Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure is a sequel to 2017’s Kickstarter funded NES title Eskimo Bob and has you controlling Alfonzo on a quest to find Bob. Throughout the adventure, Alfonzo has to collect fish to satisfy Bob’s craving for fish along with meeting other playable characters. This game looks to be a quality NES title.

There will be 90 levels spread out among the games 6 episodes, with over 30 enemies that are looking to derail your efforts to find and save Bob. Using an overworld mapping system similar to Super Mario 3’s overworld, you’ll get branching paths to explore and seven bosses to fight throughout the game.

I know you are asking, if it’s for the NES will it be a physical release or will it be a ROM only digital release? Well, according to the Kickstarter campaign the funds collected will go towards providing a physical release along with a digital release. The money collected will fund printed manuals, if anyone remembers those, along with the physical game cartridges, box and the such.

Along with the actual cartridge release, a digital ROM release is also planned with the roms working on all the major NES emulators. Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information, or to support this developer as well.

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