About JoyCon Gamers

Mission Statement

Our values at JoyCon Gamers are simple. we are an ever-evolving online news publication that is built on a set of unchanging beliefs:

  • As an organization that provides you with news about Nintendo and its products, we value accuracy, fairness, and of course the freedom of speech.
  • In our staff, we value creativity in writing, excellence in communications, diversity of ideas, and innovation in the journalism field.
  • As a business, we value our staff and respect our readers’ expectations of a fair and just reporting of the entirety of the news without leaving out the negative aspects of the industry while not overly glorifying the positive.

We are committed to fostering an environment of diversity of thought in our industry while also maintaining a workplace that is respectful to all members of our staff and readers regardless of sex, race, religion, sexuality, or creed. Our goal is to create a community that reflects an everchanging world and strengthens our products and articles across all our platforms.

Who We Are

In March of 2017, Nintendo launched its latest entry in the home console market to plenty of fanfare. It was then that the spark of creativity was sparked in my head. It would take 10 months until January of 2018 before that spark would coalesce into its final form.

This website, JoyCon Gamers, was born. My history in the video games industry and video game journalism market came together to create a home for Nintendo Switch fans to get the best news, the most up to date previews, reviews of games without the bias of today’s journalism and the most honest editorials in the industry.

In the years since our launch, we have seen ups and downs and seen many of our writers come and go. Our promise to our viewers and to all Nintendo Switch fans remains the same no matter who is on our crew is this:  Provide the best value to our viewers by publishing the facts no matter if they conflict with our personal beliefs on the subject. To not allow our bias to cloud our judgment of the truths in our reviews and news.

We are gamers at heart and journalist second, however, we will bring those two traits together to bring the best entertainment we can. Our pledge to everyone is to be better than tomorrow than we are today. I hope you enjoy the content we put forward and stick around to see what the future of JoyCon Gamers brings.