A likely path for Nintendo to travel with the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS?

With the Switch flying high for Nintendo, Let’s delve into our imaginations to ponder on what path Nintendo will travel down in the near future.

The Nintendo Switch has cemented itself into the social culture, along with gaining a strong hold on a sizable part of the video game universe since its release in 2017. Nintendo has released a steady stream of games and has seen an equally steady release of games from third-party publishers, a trend it has not seen for some time. So you may ask, why are we pondering this now?

It is simple. Nintendo has a dilemma on its hands. While the Switch may be a home console, it is equally a handheld console which is awesome. This fact, however, puts the Switch competing somewhat directly, if rather indirectly with the other console Nintendo produces, the 3DS.

Nintendo has stated that they intend on continuing to support the 3DS for a while longer, even with the Switch being the runaway success it currently is.  But is this the smart move on Nintendos part? I can understand why some people would say yes it is, I am going to have to disagree and criticize Nintendos decision on the subject.

I think it’s an okay business move to continue the support, but I think it would be an even smarter business decision to scale back support and move the resources it is currently using on developing games for the 3DS and producing the 3DS hardware into the Switch.

You can already see Nintendo steering itself this way with the next Pokemon game being a Switch exclusive title.  It would also help support the demand for the Switch hardware, as well. With Nintendos recent focus being more on art style over horsepower, I don’t believe the Switch will get the mid-gen hardware boost like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has received but Nintendo will no doubt release a revised hardware version as they have throughout the history of their consoles.

So, what does Nintendo have in store for the Switch? Let’s go through a short list of things we’d love to see happen real quick. I know, another list article and I’m sorry but it’s a short one. Maybe.

1.) More power efficient.

This one is pretty simple. More power efficient hardware would ensure better battery life for the console while it is un-docked and quicker charging while docked. It could also mean a leaner, lighter Switch that is easier to carry than the current iteration.

2.) A Better designed dock.

While the official Nintendo dock for the Switch isn’t bad, with some complaints about it scratching screens which I haven’t experienced yet, It could use some updates. The inability to charge the Switch while it’s un-docked and using its kickstand is an annoyance that could easily be solved by not having the front piece on the dock, like some third-party docks. This would also solve any screen scratching issues that MAY happen.

3.) More onboard memory

One of the biggest complaints everyone has expressed, including me at times, is the Switch low internal memory size. While 32GB seems like plenty of memory when you consider the Switch uses a cartridge system for its games, it becomes severely limiting when you consider the digital nature of a lot of games, including indie titles.

4.) Multiple Hardware Styles

I honestly see this coming for certain instead of it being a maybe type thing. Nintendo stated that the Switch was a platform, which we found out meant the hybrid style system, could it mean more? Nintendo will definitely release multiple different colors of the console itself, in addition to the joycons. I would love to see Nintendo release a smaller Switch without the handheld part, that can only connect to a TV setup. This could no doubt be done to release a cheaper version of the Switch, which could create more sales, but it could also split the community a bit.

In summary, I think Nintendo will release at least one major hardware revision for the Switch, it is pretty much par for the course for the company. When that release comes is a pretty good question, which I would love to hear ya’lls thoughts on in the comments section. I do think by the end of 2018 Nintendo will have scaled back a serious amount of support for the 3DS, unless something catastrophic happens to the Switch.

With the Switch being just over a year old, and support going strong and growing with each passing day, the rest of 2018 is going to be a wonderful time for Nintendo fans. As always, check back here to keep up with whats happening.

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