Why JoyCon Gamers? There are plenty of other gaming media outlets out there, most are bigger than we are. Actually, seeing as we went from idea to concept, to execution in the past 3 months I would hazard to guess that we are the smallest right now.

So, why us you ask? I, the founder, started JoyCon Gamers with the idea that gamers of the Switch and 3DS want a media outlet dedicated to their console/handheld hybrid system. An outlet that would provide the latest news about their gaming devices, the best and most honest reviews of games and accessories, and the most comprehensive previews of the hottest titles coming out from Nintendo and third parties. On top of all that, perhaps they wouldn’t mind reading a little bit of someone else’s opinion of their device as well.

So now your question is probably, “Why would I want to write for these guys? What will I get out of it?” That is simple.  This is what we can and will provide for you.

  • Exposure. A way to build your journalism portfolio, plenty of social media exposure for your writing, and another bullet point to put on your resume.
  • A solid editing team for you to fall back on.
  • You will become part of a team with an attitude to win. We are building a strong team. We will help you become a part of it.
  • Oh yeah, we will get review codes for you to write about for some games.

I  have to stress that there is only currently a volunteer position available. We’re the small guy and we will grow, as we do you will be rewarded for being a part of the team.

Now, like I said, we are small and I do have some contacts in the gaming community. As we grow, and we will grow, our contacts, including yours, will grow as well and we will garner far more rewards as such. Our key goal, however, will always be to provide our consumers with the most honest, and bias-free writing possible. This is non-negotiable. I am a firm believer in ethics in journalism and will not accept less, and neither should you.

Now, are you still interested? Still thinking, JoyCon Gamers sounds cool. Or perhaps you are still thinking, “Why JoyCon gamers?” Either way, email us and let us know any questions you have. If you are still pondering why us, ask a question; however, if you want to apply email us the following:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Experience
  • What do you want out of working with us?
  • What systems do you own? We are a Nintendo only website, but we are all gamers.
  • Recently played games
  • Availability/How often you can contribute

So, once you email us, I should get back to you pretty quickly with some followup questions.