About Us Who are the JoyCon Gamers?

Who Are We

Who we are is simple. We are gamers just like you. You can view a list of our small team of dedicated writers by clicking Here.

Our Vision

Our vision, very much like us, is a simple concept as well. We began with an idea, an idea to serve up the most unbiased news source for Nintendo’s newest console the Nintendo Switch. We also wanted to do the same for the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld consoles.

We are dedicated to bringing you bias-free news, reviews, and previews of Nintendo Switch games and accessories, along with news, reviews, and previews of Nintendo 3DS games and accessories. We will occasionally bring you some personal thoughts and opinions on the video gaming world, along with happenings in the Nintendo universe including mobile offerings, and traditional media offerings such as movies and TV shows.

Our Review Scale

Our review scale is a 1-10 review scale. We do this to provide you with an “at-a-glance” sense of the games overall quality. With this being said, as times goes on, standards will change and a game that scored a 10 a few years ago may not be a 10 today. Below is our scoring scale:

  • 10 – Essential
  • 9 – Superb
  • 8 – Great
  • 7 – Good
  • 6 – Fair
  • 5 – Mediocre
  • 4 – Poor
  • 3 – Bad
  • 2 – Terrible
  • 1 – Abysmal

Our Social Media

Of course being a modern media outlet, we have a social media presence that you can follow us on.