September 20, 2018 0

Nintendo Chooses to NOT Renew Custom Robo Trademark: IP is potential DEAD However, this isn't the last Robot shooter game we're getting from CR's Creator.

By Brytendo2018

Folks, Custom Robo is now effectively DEAD (or possibly in Gaming Limbo, IDK). The trademark was not renewed, despite being cancelled for over 2 and a HALF YEARS!! On the plus side (I guess), we’re getting a 3d Robot shooter called Synaptic Drive from Kouji Kenjou, the creator of the now-dead Custom Robo series. As people are already speculating about whether the franchise will go 3rd-party, go to a company that’ll treat it with dignity and respect or just fade into obscurity, we here at Joycon Gamers will keep you updated on any developments regarding the fate of Custom Robo.

September 18, 2018 0

Nintendo Switch Update 6.0.0 Brings us Paid Online Subscription and a Form of Game Sharing A form of "game sharing" has opened up thanks to this update.

By Brytendo2018

Today, we have lost the ability/privilege to play multiplayer and online-only games for free on Nintendo Home Consoles. To make up for this (somewhat), IF you have a constant internet connection, you can login to your Nintendo account on someone else’s Nintendo Switch console (as a non-primary console), and play your downloads on a friend’s switch. The inverse in true as well. A friend can login into their Nintendo Account on YOUR Nintendo Switch, download their games onto your Switch, and by letting you play using their profile w/a constant internet connection, you can p lay your friends’ games!!

September 14, 2018 0

INSPIRING: Many Decent-sized-profile Twitter Users Join Together to Try to Make a Dying Fan’s Final Wish a Reality Twitter User @SpookyWoobler Hopes to Play Smash Bros. Ultimate or Devil May Cry V before he dies.

By Brytendo2018

This story is a bit sad to read, but with this particular story, there’s a particularly strong sense of unity, cohesiveness, support, and respect amongst hundreds, of not thousands of people for one guy that most of us never met and will soon never be able to meet. That man. . . is Chris Taylor. I’m Bryan J Applegate, your host behind this article, and this is the story of how one man’s dying wish to play either Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Devil May Cry V brought together an entire community of people from across the internet.